My last heating and cooling story for the world

I am toughing it out today and finishing my work for the day, then well, I will still have another hour of work to do but that is going to be easy work as I will just be doing some studying.

I will teach my buddy later and then I will make some magic in our band later when we play at the epic church by the sea.

I’m listening to our song By The Sea and making sure it is ready for the onslaught of plays it is going to get later this week. This local corporation told me to buy 10K plays for my song, as he did for his heating and cooling corporation song, which ended up getting millions of plays once people shared it with others. I just want to get our song out to others because I feel that it is a good song and can make people happy. The heating and cooling corporation told me to get on Spotify but I want to get more money from the heating and cooling work I do before we spend money on that site. My friend and I just have our stuff on a local music place now, which is good with me, because it is a good place where I can put our songs on for free. If I get more work at the local corporation doing duct cleaning then I will sink more money into putting our music out there in other places. I’m not sure what it costs to do that but I just need to wait because my money is running thin. See ya later!


a/c corporation