My mother cried when I said I did not want to go to college.

My mother and father were from the outdated country and all they wanted was for their kids to be successful.

  • When they said successful, they meant every one of us needed to go to college and become either a medical professional or a lawyer.

There was nothing in between. When I told dad and Dad I didn’t want to go to college, our Dad cried. She sobbed so loudly that I was sure the neighbors thought someone had died. I tried to comfort her, but she pushed me away. She didn’t want to talk to me until I came to our senses. Dad wasn’t quite as aggravated. She sat at the table and stared at me. She wanted to know what I wanted to do? I told him I wanted to be an Heating in addition to A/C specialist. She said nothing. Her eyup didn’t even blink. I wanted to see if there were any holes in our skin because of her stare. She asked why I wanted to be an Heating in addition to A/C specialist? I didn’t know how to answer the question, except to tell him I thought it was an honest and lucrative profession, then being an Heating in addition to A/C specialist would bring me pleasure and I could help others while doing the job. She nodded and said she would talk to our mother. My announcement devastated her, however once she understood what I wanted to do, I would make her proud. I wasn’t so sure our father was right, but I would wait for her to talk to me. An hour later, she pressed her lips to the top of our head and said that if I wanted to be an Heating in addition to A/C specialist, she would support our decision. She handed me a check to cover the amount of school tuition.


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