My new game shop

I recently had a actually awesome game room built out of my basement! It has a pool table, all kinds of old arcade games in it, and a nice couch for people to hang out on.

In this game room, everything had come together perfectly, except I did not have a nice air conditioning component in it as of yet.

Air conditioning is going to be needed down there, especially in the Summer time months when it gets actually tepid in my area, no a single would want to be in the basement game room without air conditioning! So the solution I came up with was to go and buy a few ductless mini split air conditioning units to mount on the walls of the game room. The ductless mini split air conditioning plan would be the perfect thing to make this game room cool and nice in those tepid Summer time months. I had looked into getting more ductwork layed and just expanding on my central heating & A/C unit, but, getting 2 odd ductless mini split air conditioning units would be a lot cheaper, and they would cost a lot more in terms of energy to run the things. My pal who was helping myself and others build the game room even agreed with my plan about the ductless mini split and helped myself and others find a sale on a ductless mini split air conditioning unit…2 of them! This game room is going to for sure be a venue where everyone will be hanging out in the near future.

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