Neighborhood House Always Calls HVAC Company First

There’s a house on my street that is always the first to have their HVAC system serviced. Almost everyone in this neighborhood uses the same HVAC company for their heat and air needs, so it’s easy to point out the HVAC company’s truck when it’s in someone’s driveway. I’ve always admired how early this house is when they have their HVAC system serviced between seasons, because the HVAC company is usually in high demand. Whenever I call them, there’s at least a two week wait. This spring, I was determined to have my HVAC system serviced before them because I wanted to feel like I was one step ahead of the game. As soon as I was confident that the winter weather was over, I called the HVAC company and asked to have my HVAC system serviced for the spring. As I expected, the person on the phone told me that there would be a two week wait. I felt really good about myself and how early I had made my appointment. The snow had barely melted off the ground, so I was confident that I’d be the first house in the neighborhood to have their HVAC system serviced for spring. Two days later, I came home and saw the HVAC company truck in my neighbor’s driveway! I could not believe that they had still gotten an appointment before me. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to have my HVAC system serviced that far in advance. I just can’t keep up with it like that.

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