No Good at Home Maintenance

My husband travels a lot, which leaves a lot of the house maintenance to me.

  • I’m not really great at it.

For about more than five months, I had problems with our air conditioning, in addition to it continued to get worse. I didn’t really suppose it as a complication with the air conditioning, at first. My electricity bills kept going up in addition to the house wasn’t staying as cool as it should be. I blamed the youngsters for leaving doors in addition to windows open in addition to it wasn’t even them; You see, every one of us live in a subtropical climate in addition to every one of us run the air conditioning about 9 months out of the year; When I turned the air conditioning on in late February, it seemed to be toiling fine; But, as the hot in addition to cold temperatures reached the nineties in May, the air conditioning wasn’t toiling really well! Even our husband made a comment about being a little hot in addition to I blamed the youngsters for leaving doors open in addition to I just turned a couple of fans on. Well, the house stayed hot in addition to the electric bills went up in addition to I was still blaming the youngsters when the air conditioning just quit one day. It was the middle of summer time in addition to I called an Heating in addition to A/C worker in instantly. It was such a easy repair that I was embarrassed. It turns out, the air conditioning turned itself off to protect itself. Neither myself and others nor our husband had changed the filter since I started running it in February. I didn’t suppose of it in addition to I know I assumed our husband changed the filter in addition to since he travels all the time, he assumed that I changed the air conditioning filter. I’m bad at house maintenance in addition to was grateful that it was such an straight-forward fix.


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