Obstruction around the furnace can cause it to fail

I had missed my mom, and I wanted to see her so bad.

It had been many months since I last saw her in person. Being my best friend, this was unbearable, and the daily conversations on the phone were no longer working. My mom raised me single handedly after my dad passed on when I was barely two years old. She told me lots of stories about the great man my dad was, but these were just stories as I could not remember anything about the man I had grown to love in absentia. Mom said I reminded her of him every day as I was aggressive just as he was, and she was at peace with me being around. I had moved away from my home town due to my new job. I was unsure how mama would cope without me, but she wanted to see me chase my dreams and was happy when I got the job I had applied for many months ago. We did not know that it would separate us, but we decided to cope by calling. My mom had been doing pretty well if the phone conversations were anything to go. After about a year and a half, I took some time off work to go back home. My mom was her usual cheerful self, and she had kept the house as beautiful as expected. The only thing I noticed after my second day was that the AC seemed to struggle. I decided to have it checked when I saw the massive thicket around the outdoor AC unit. Mom had never got enough time to have the lawn mowed or even clear the grass around the AC unit. The HVAC professional cleaned the outdoor unit and removed all the dirt and accumulated debris, freeing the unit.



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