On a cable show, the couple refused to buy a current home separate from solar panels

I was watching a cable show called House Hunters, then the premise is the show is to help couples or individuals find a current home to buy in their price range based on their wish lists.

The real estate agent shows them 3 houses and then they slimdown their decision and choose 1 current home to purchase… My hubby and I were watching current home hunters last evening and the couple on the show said that the most important section of a current home is solar panels.

This was interesting to me because I have never seen someone on the show put solar panels on their list, let alone have solar panels as a deal breaker, i wasn’t too usual with solar panels and how they toil and I was curious about why this was so serious and important to this couple. I asked my hubby if he understood how solar panels toil and he explained it to me, and he explained to me that solar panels are placed on the roof and they absorb energy from the sun! Particles of the sunshine then turn into electricity. That converted electricity is then used to help heat or cool your home. He explained that this helps people save truly important amounts of money on their heating and cooling bills. I thought this was truly interesting and then had a better understanding of why the couple on the show was so adamant about only purchasing a current home that had solar panels. Typically, most couples and individuals on the show put replaced HVAC and central a/c on their list of must haves, so this was absolutely unusual than other episodes I have seen in the past.
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