Pet shelter in need of fresh air

All of us attended a fundraiser last Fall for our local pet shelter plus I was surprised to learn that 1 of the things that needed was a modern air filtration plan for their kennel area. Apparently they had been relying on portable units to try plus keep the air free of odors plus bacteria however because of the huge number of rescues they had on sight it wasn’t enough, i labor for a local Heating and A/C supplier so it got myself and others thinking of ways we could help. They raised enough money for a down payment on the device however commercial air cleaning devices are not cheap. All of us started asking our purchasers if they were interested in making donations to the local shelter along with the fees for their service calls plus several of them were more than gleeful to do so. All of us were able to raise the balance of the money needed in a fairly short time plus were thrilled when we called them to provide them the news. With Winter time upon us it was going to be a huge help because they could no longer leave windows or doors open to air the locale out. I am not sure why I never offered a thought to that genre of component being needed by shelters however now it makes all the sense in the world. I have always donated money or pet supplies not thinking about the building plus need for repairs or appliances. From now on I will be calling them from time to time to see what their actual needs are rather than assuming that I know.


HVAC serviceman