Possible part time HVAC job

My husband has been wanting me to go back to school for a long time.

I always thought that he wanted me to get my teaching degree finished or my master’s degree, but it turns out that he is only interested in me getting a HVAC certification.

When I said I was really surprised by that, he said I shouldn’t be. We’ve been having a ton of problems with our heating and cooling plan over the past couple of years. It seems like every time that I turn around, we are paying more cash for a heating service or an air conditioning system repair or installation. I know my husband is sick of it, and I am too. Although, I’m not entirely sure that getting an HVAC certification is exactly the right career path for me right now. I could take the classes and get the certification. I don’t entirely know that I want to become an Heating plus A/C serviceman once I finish with the classes. I believe the job market is pretty good for Heating and A/C professionals, though. My husband says that even if I work part time for one of the local heating plus cooling companies that it will help out with our finances, and not only that, but the other thing is that I would be able to fix our furnace and our central air conditioning system unit myself whenever it messes up. I suppose that is the main reason that he wants me to go to school to get my Heating plus A/C certification. It’s not so I can get a job, it’s so I can fix our HVAC plan at home.

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