Raising funds for new HVAC equipment

Last year started on a high note but ended on quite a low one.

My fiance and I lost our jobs, and were it not for our family members, we would have drowned in bills.

Before we lost our jobs, we had planned to replace our HVAC unit and the thermostat. We have had the HVAC system for more than 15 years, and the frequent breakdowns and repairs cost us a lot. At about the same time, we also found out we were pregnant. The joy of growing our family was snuffled out by the stress of providing for our family, including getting help with indoor comfort now that winter had begun. Despite the anxiety, we laughed and enjoyed my growing baby bump. Our family knew we were struggling and using the space heater because the system had malfunctioned beyond repair. My mum came over one day and announced she was taking us to the HVAC provider at the local business to get new HVAC equipment. We could not contain our excitement. I hugged mum and cried tears of joy. The HVAC professional recommended a heat pump from a familiar HVAC brand. He then booked an HVAC installation appointment for the next day. Dad had paid for the fitting, and the next day he came to our house with the HVAC repairman to fit in the new quality HVAC system. The owner of the local HVAC business was a friend of the family, and upon hearing what we were going through, he offered to pay for the first HVAC maintenance as soon as we needed it. We cried seeing how our loved ones had come together to help us. We were blessed to have such a great and caring family.


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