Remodeling the bathroom

About ten years ago, we had our second story bathroom remodeled by a professional plumbing contractor.

We were not happy with the job he did.

The project was expensive, took longer than expected and I had complaints with the results. It didn’t take long before the tub began to leak into the closet located beneath it. We didn’t realize it until the ceiling collapsed. We also had problems with both the sink and the toilet clogging. We finally decided to gut the bathroom and start over. This time, we handled the project ourselves. We tore out the walls, ceiling and the floor. We discovered a complete mess. None of the plumbing was installed properly. The shower surround was not put in right. There was no insulation in any of the walls. Air was leaking all the way around the window. We had to remove every pipe, drain and fixture. This gave us the opportunity to change the configuration a bit and add insulation into the walls. We took our time, purchased quality materials and created a bathroom that is modern, beautiful and functional. We replaced the tub with a stand-up shower and added a rainfall-style fixture. We used the extra room to provide storage for towels and toiletries. We laid down ceramic tiles on the floor, purchased new light fixtures, new vanity and faucets. We no longer deal with leaks or clogs, and it is a pleasure to use the bathroom. Although we’ve spent a lot of time and money remodeling our bathroom twice, we finally have it exactly the way we want it.

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