She backs that source of heating with another one

Many things seem to skip Marina’s mind nowadays.

That’s just the reality as she’s aging.

Plenty of what Marina forgets are things that end up way down on her priority list. She’s still a full on adult and taking care of business. Like there’s no way in the world that Marina would forget about getting heating service done on her heating system. That is out of the question. Getting the Heating professional to inspect and service her heating system before winter is not something that will slip off of her to do list. Where Marina lives, there is so much cold and snow that she would be crazy not to have her heating system tested by a HVAC professional every year. Marina must make sure the HVAC unit is ready, and she backs that source of heating up with an additional source of heating. Marina has a wood stove that was custom built for her cottage 15 years ago. She initially thought that it would be nice to have a wood stove in the event there was a power outage for an extended amount of time. But the longer she lived here and the more the heating cost rose, the more Marina relied on the wood stove. Now her winter preparations begin in August with splitting, hauling, splitting and stacking a winter’s worth of wood. It’s great to have the supplementary heating as that does lessen the load on the heating system and keeps her heating costs to a minimum. Plus, Marina sleeps better knowing that no matter what, she’ll have heating in her cottage.

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