Shipping And Mailing From Home

I am a seller on Ebay, and I do a lot of sales and am shipping items nearly every single day of the work week! This is more or less a side business, and I do not make my full living off this, but it is great to fill in the gaps because I work a lousy job that pays really awful too.

  • Because I am selling and mailing every single day, I always need to make sure my printer is up to date and has the ink cartridges changed once a month.

I am printing mailing labels all the time. Label printing is probably the most work I need to do with all of this, which can get to be quite a job when you have 50 items to print mailing labels for. You would think I am running some kind of label printing service over here as much as I have to do this! I have my great Gerber printer that does all this for me. Previously, I had an Epson printer, and the Epson printer broke down on me because I was using it way too much! This Gerber printer that I have has been doing me pretty well for all the label printing that I have to do. I bought the Gerber printer last year, and have had to change the ink only a few times. I always check every month though to make sure it is all going good. One time, I was trying to do some label printing, and the label printing was coming out all smeared and in odd colors.