Squirrels got into my air ducts

I can handle almost anything in the world, except for rats and cockroaches.

This dates back to growing up in the hood, in a terrible apartment building that was crawling with both of those pests.

When I was four I got bit by a rat, and had to go to the ER for shots, so can you blame me for having a bit of a phobia where they are concerned? I almost had a heart attack a few weeks ago when I thought my new house had rats in the attic, but it was just squirrels. It turns out that squirrels can tear up ductwork far worse than any rat ever could. Knowing it was squirrels was good for my mental health, because if it was rats squirming around in my air ducts then I would just have to move out. As it stood I had no mental problem with the pests, but they were ruining my indoor air quality and making the house smell funky. I had an HVAC tech come by and give me an inspection, and he pointed out several problem areas in my duct system. Of course he couldn’t address the issues I was facing or work on the HVAC system at all, because of the animal infestation. He told me exactly what needed to be done, and that none of it could happen until an exterminator had cleared out all the squirrels from the ductwork. I thought about trying to do it myself, but it would result in a bunch of dead squirrels in the air ducts, which would be even worse.

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