Starting the school year on a good note with new HVAC equipment

I love school and always have, even when growing up.

I enjoy learning about new things and making friends and networks that would be handy when I start my HVAC business.

Since I was planning the school’s homecoming dance before the school closed, I was among the last students. Throughout the dance, there was a constant weird noise that we could not understand. I knew I had heard the noise before but could not quite place it. After I went home, It dawned on me that the exact sound I heard in school was the same one I kept hearing at home. It was coming from the HVAC unit. My parents called the local business and booked an appointment with the HVAC repairman. Since it was a busy time of the year, the HVAC professional did not come until after two weeks. He ran a comprehensive HVAC maintenance and discovered the filters were clogged with wear and tear from some components. The HVAC provider replaced the parts and restored the system’s functionality. With the harsh winter we are experiencing, the HVAC system stays on all day, malfunctioning after about three weeks. The technician recommended new HVAC equipment. Fortunately, my parents had foreseen this issue and had saved up for a new quality HVAC system from their desired HVAC brand. The HVAC installation took place a day before we resumed school. They also replaced the thermostat to help with indoor comfort. When we returned to school the following day, I was delighted to know the school had replaced the system with a new one. There was now quality comfort at home and school. What a great way to start the year!

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