Staying warm when it snows

In the neck of the woods that I live in, it can get seriously cold in the Winter time, then last Winter the temperature was in the negatives for a few weeks plus my family had a taxing time keeping the house hot when the temperature was so dang low.

A couple of winters ago, I did a little bit of research on how I can save money on my furnace bill plus still keep my house nice plus warm, then i l received that there are a few different ways in which the hot air can escape from your house, plus there are simple ways to keep the heat from your furnace in your house.

I was able to learn that getting an air blocker for the bottom of my door ways that would keep the cool air from flowing into my house. I also ended up learning that I should seal my windows because a lot of cool air can leak through that way as well. I learned online that an aged air filter can harm your furnace plus make it run less efficiently, so I got some up-to-date air filters for my furnace at home, and after only a month of having these up-to-date air filters, I found that they saved me nearly two hundred dollars on my HVAC bill! I was truly cheerful also, when I realized that the heat in my house was not escaping even half as much as it had the year before thanks to my sealed windows air air blockers underneath my doors. These easy tips and tricks are what saved myself and others hundreds of dollars on HVAC bills and also kept my house hot over the severe winters.



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