Teaching my class of children outside

So I had to start thinking of other ways to keep their attention.

When parents think of school, they think of the desks, textbooks, a board and a teacher in front teaching, while the students raise their hands excitedly. That rarely happens. Usually what goes down is the students looking in every which direction except yours, there’s some falling asleep, some misbehaving and chaos can quickly ensue. I tried my first year of teaching the traditional way, with textbooks and powerpoints and I would be lucky if even a ⅓ of my class was watching. I watched one of my own powerpoints and realized how boring it was. No wonder they weren’t paying attention! I then decided to try something new, I took my class outside for a change, and that seemed to wake most of them up. I let them explore, talk and touch the grass. Then I held my lesson. Surprisingly, most of the children were looking at me eagerly, something I hadn’t seen in months. I started doing this everyday, letting my class expel their energy and boredom and then being able to successfully teach. The only exceptions are during winter. It becomes incredibly cold during the winter, and without the heat from the school’s furnace system, I knew my class would become cold fast. So I had to start thinking of other ways to keep their attention. I bought a huge tent, and some large electric blankets. This way, even without the heater, they could still stay warm. I went ahead and bought a couple of fans, this way when spring rolls around, if it’s ever hot, they could stay cool. Now, they have some form of heating and cooling all year round.

Air conditioning worker