The HVAC specialist was a better choice

I think everyone was happy when we got to school and they had career day all set up.

  • Most of us didn’t need to go to classes that day because we were expected to go check out all of the people who were there to push their given careers.

A couple of my friends and I were checking out all of the macho jobs. We first talked to a Firefighter. He told us how they go into burning houses to check for anyone left in the buildings. They even went into the house to look for pets that were left behind. A couple of them told us that the worst thing they had happen, was smoke inhalation. I couldn’t see myself sacrificing myself in that way and neither could my friends. The police were another story altogether. The one police officer seemed thrilled to be able to tell us that he was in a car chase where he was doing over 100 miles an hour and he had to hit the car to stop them. The other was saying about bank robberies and traffic stops that went awry. This was not something that I could see myself doing. I have to admit that I was hoping we would soon get to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning guy. I liked the idea that I could keep people from freezing to death just by fixing a furnace for them. I would be able to keep make people comfortable or stop people from having heat strokes by fixing their air conditioning. HVAC was the job I was looking for.
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