The HVAC tech impressed me the most

There is nothing better than getting a free day off school. We didn’t actually have a free day off, but as seniors, we didn’t have to attend any classes that day. We had a job fair in the school and it seemed like every type of job in town, was represented. The local factories were there, along with the Armed Services recruiter. They had the police, firefighters and the trash collectors. I think of all of the job presentations I saw, I liked the HVAC technician the best. My best friend thought it would be cool to be a police officer. He loved the idea of being able to chase down bad guys. I thought it was a bit too dangerous to have to not just chase the bad guys down, but to possibly be shot at while doing the chasing. Another friend of ours wanted to be a firefighter from the time he was little. He liked the idea of saving people. I didn’t find anything exciting about running into burning houses or buildings. I didn’t want to see things on fire and maybe catch on fire while trying to save someone’s dog. Saving people was cool, but I wasn’t into risking my own life. When I talked to the HVAC company, I found out that there was a way I could save people without putting my own life at risk. I loved knowing that by setting up a furnace I could keep an elder person from freezing to death. I also knew that by fixing an air conditioning, I could save someone from heatstroke. I was hooked and I knew that I was going to be an HVAC technician someday.


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