The importance of air filters

Before COVID I never gave a second thought to the quality of the air in my home. As long as it was cool enough, I was happy. Do you remember when things were simpler? It seems like it was forever ago, but it was only a year or two. Now I have come to understand that there is more to air than temperature control. COVID concerns might have raised awareness of this, but it has always been true, I just wasn’t aware of it. The ability for the home system to process, clean, and recycle the air without diminishing the air quality is the most important feature. Proper ventilation and air purification is much more important to your health than being a few degrees hotter or colder. I have gotten a little pathological about checking the air filter in my system. I used to get the cheapest air filters possible, the ones you find at Walmart in a six pack, but now I buy the expensive kind. You get what you pay for, and 1 of the HEPA air filters is the size of 6 of the cheap kind. It also lasts much longer than those did, and provides much higher air quality than anything else on the market right now. When it comes to your health you can’t cut corners, so I feel it is very much worth it to pay the price for the HEPA air filters. Mark my words ,COVID is just the beginning, so act now and start buying the best air filters that are available.


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