The most horrible HVAC service ever

I can not believe the mistake I made in hiring an HVAC business that I never used before.

My official HVAC business went out of corporation & I had to find another HVAC business as soon as possible, but i picked the first a single I came across, & it was a mistake! This service was awful, & the certified heating & A/C specialist did not know anything about what he was doing, he really broke my temperature control & said it was already broke! This idiot knew nothing… All he had to do was my proper HVAC tune up & get the task done! The large kick in the rear was when I got the bill from the heating & A/C dealer! They majorly overcharged myself and others on the bill.

I was charged a single hundred dollars more than I should have been charged for the heating & A/C service. I called the heating & A/C business up & started yelling at them a whole bunch. They were not going to refund myself and others for any of the currency they overcharged me, so I made a threat to call my credit card business & report them for fraud. That scared them straight! They ended up refunding all of my currency, and, they also agreed to deliver myself and others a current temperature control… Because the jerk heating & A/C specialist broke mine. I was thrilled they at least made fantastic on all their screw ups. But I will tell you all a single thing. I will never ever use this heating & A/C business ever again! Mark my very dire words on that a single.

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