The most interesting HVAC tech alive

The concept of my podcast is simple — talking to people about their jobs.

My guests can choose to not give their real name, which frees them up to be totally honest without getting any repercussions for embarrassing stories.

Most of my guests remain anonymous, and quite frankly it always makes for a better show when they do. People will say it’s all made up, but I guarantee this is all legit. I have heard some horror stories from cops and paramedics over the years, and some real shockers from nurses. There was also an HVAC technician who was on the show two times, because he had so many great stories to tell. The guy was a natural storyteller, I have to say, because his story about fixing the air conditioner in the middle of an orgy took almost the entire hour! I was laughing so hard at how he described dozens of nude senior citizens, sweating buckets because they overloaded the air conditioner. When he came back the second time, it was for another very long, very amazing story about finding an old gun in an air duct. He was working on an apartment building, and while cleaning out the HVAC ducts he found a pistol from almost twenty years ago. He came to find out that the gun was evidence in an unsolved murder from the 80s, and had been in the ductwork ever since. He says he has another story, about setting up a geothermal heat pump for a commune of hippie pot farmers, so I think I will have to bring him back for a third interview!



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