The new thermostat allows me to change the temperature during the day

When my wife suggested buying a programmable thermostat, I didn’t think we needed the smart technology in our home.

My wife insisted there was a difference between a programmable thermostat and a smart thermostat.

All of the temperature machines I was looking at online were a couple of hundred dollars. My wife bought a programmable thermostat that was 60 bucks and it had a 7-inch display screen. I wasn’t terribly unhappy with the purchase, so I agreed to install the machine when it arrived in the mail. The new thermostat arrived on a Thursday and my wife was ready for me to install it that night. I had a lot of paperwork to handle and I didn’t actually install that new thermostat until Saturday morning. It was the first job on my list as soon as breakfast was finished. The new programmable thermostat allows us to change the temperatures throughout the day. We can set different schedules and that allows us to save energy in our home. When we save energy, we can save money. One of the best features of the thermostat is being able to set the schedules for the daytime temperatures different from that of nighttime temperatures. The last person to leave in the morning is me and no one else is in the house until 8 hours later when my wife gets home from work. We’ve been heating and cooling that house all day, but the programmable thermostat will allow the machine to shut down and conserve energy when no one is inside. That has already proven to effectively decrease our monthly energy bills.

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