The plane was having a lot of trouble in the beginning

Have you had an opportunity to be stuck inside an airport Plus on able to board with no method y? I guess any person that travels can truly have this happen at any time. I have flown maybe many or many times in my entire life plus this has easily happen to me. No matter multiple times that I look at these notifications on the board, the word delayed never went away. I waited for a long time and then every one of us asked if the attendant knew what was happening. Every one of us suppose the plane was easily late and somewhere else. Every one of us then saw our plane right outside the window. It was having some mechanical issues plus they were easily being repaired. It was actually kind of frightened plus I imagined the landing gear was not working. Every one of us also imagined that the gas tanks could be leaking or windows with problems that would allow stuff like that to happen. It never really occurred to myself plus others that the actual mechanical problem could be with the air conditioner. Of course there are heating plus cooling systems on the plane but I guess that many of us take these for granted. If the AC is Ali breaks down at home, it is not a terrible tragedy. On a plane, it tends to be an entirely different story. Having no heat or AC on the aircraft is actually a complicated problem because this makes the plane inoperable. Easily gets cold as the planes reach the air and this causes the engine to freeze. The heating system is actually one of the systems that continues to allow the plane to operate.

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