The portable heater even worked outside

My friend recently bought a portable space heater that he could use when we went camping.

We often go fishing at night and it gets really cold at the beach or even at the lake when the sun goes down.

He wanted to find out if the portable heater was going to really work before we took it camping. They were having an end of the summer picnic down by the lake and we were invited. They had a band and a lot of people were going to be there. We thought that even though there was going to be a bonfire to keep everyone warm, we could always head down to the lake to do some fishing and try out the heater while we were there. The party was just getting started when we got there. The bonfire was roaring and there was food everywhere. Most of the seasonal campers were going to be pulling up stakes and heading home for the winter, on the following day. The heat from the bonfire felt really good compared to the chill of the night air. I almost didn’t want to leave the bonfire to try out the heater. My friend came over and he told me he had the heater ready and whenever I was ready, I could come to the lake and check out the heat that came from the heater. It took me about half an hour to pull myself away from the bonfire, but the heater was well worth checking out. I was almost as warm as I was by the bonfire, but the heating wasn’t as intense.



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