The portable heaters at the restaurant

My birthday is coming up, and a friend of mine was visiting from out of town, so we decided to have my birthday dinner last night.

I got to choose the restaurant, and I also got to choose whether we ate outside or inside.

I am a huge fan of eating Al fresco, so that is what I chose to do, despite the fact that it was very cold outside last night. In fact, the thermostat dipped down to about 40° last night. We not only were faced with the possibility of being really cold ourselves, but we were also facing the probability that our food would be cold. Fortunately, that did not happen because the restaurant was well equipped with all kinds of heating and cooling devices. Inside, they had regular HVAC equipment, and of course the heating system was on and everyone was comfortable automatically. outside, though, was a different story. you obviously cannot use Central Heating and Cooling when you are outdoors. Therefore, they had to do something different, and they did. They had these amazing portable heaters set up on the deck outside. These heaters were quite tall and they looked lovely. I think they used either propane or natural gas, I’m not sure which, but I believe they were propane heaters. anyway, these gorgeous propane heaters gave such a romantic Ambiance to the deck because they looked like old-fashioned Victorian lamps. not only did they have these gorgeous portable heaters, they also had these really neat heaters that sat on the tables and went underneath your plate. These plate heaters were really amazing because they kept the food nice and hot. I really enjoyed my birthday dinner outside despite the fact that the thermostat was registering so low.

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