The rent is late but the air is cold

The properties I manage for my brother in the States bring in a whopping $340 a month in income for me, but the way that I live that money goes a long way.

  • That actually pays for all of my food for the month, so then I’m just left with rent and some spending money.

I make some each month teaching yoga and volleyball and those two pay for food and miscellaneous bills, so then all that is left is the $750 for rent. Things will change in five years though when the SS money kicks in from heating and cooling system work over the years. I’ll get $1000 a month from that soon and then I’m on easy street. I’m a bit late on the rent this month because the local corporation is behind on paying the heating and cooling techs because he is waiting for a big check. He felt awful though and is giving almost everyone a week off paid in full, so we are all great with being late on paying our rents this month. The owner of this building owns a local corporation nearby and we are working on his air conditioning system and he knows that we will be late this month with rent but at least he is getting some ice cold air conditioning soon. Today is Friday and by Wednesday we will have his temperature control system all set up and he and his buyers will be sitting in cold air pretty soon. The weather is heating up a lot so I am sure he is going to be glad to have a working heating and cooling system again.

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