The spa and the air quality

My wife always goes to this local spa every single weekend.

I always call her a true snob for doing so.

She knows i’m only joking. But I still think it’s ridiculous and a waste of money to go to the spa every single weekend! It’s not like we’re rich. And my wife is certainly not one of those stuck up women with the mink on her shoulders. My wife tells me it’s the air quality in the spa that makes her go there every weekend! She keeps going on about how great the air quality is down in that place. I told her that with all the money she is spending from our bank account every single weekend at that place, we could just save it all up and possibly afford to buy a whole home air purification system! I know I was going a bit overboard saying that as whole home air purification systems are pretty darn expensive. But still there was some sense and truth in what I was saying to her. Possibly if we were to save about a year’s worth of the money she puts out to go to that spa, we could end up having a downpayment on half of a whole home air purification system in that time! My wife’s argument is that the spa is also an escape from the daily grind of home and work for her. That I do understand! But heck, I could probably build her something in the finished basement we have that would be similar to a spa!

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