The valve broke into my hand

My friends and I were having a Christmas party.

Everyone was dressed in the ugliest sweaters and I had the worst one of all.

It was a turtleneck with green sleeves and a red sash. It looked absolutely horrible. Everyone’s sweaters looked tacky, but we had a ton of fun. The party was a huge success. My friends and I laughed and danced and drank a lot of alcohol. I was Pretty drunk when the party ended and the last person went home. I was feeling hot because of the alcohol, so I decided to adjust the heat in my bedroom. The radiator has a small valve that allows me to adjust the heat to allow more or less air into the room. The old radiator is a great way to heat the apartment. It only takes a small amount of heat to warm up the room. As I was adjusting the valve, it broke off into my hand. The whole room started to fill up with an intense amount of heat. Clearly there was something wrong with the radiator heater. I immediately called the building supervisor, but he didn’t answer the phone. It was almost midnight. I took off all of my clothes and put on a bathing suit. I turned on all of the fans in my bedroom. I waited for the building supervisor to call me back. He didn’t return my call until 5 a.m., but he was in my apartment 30 minutes later ready to fix the problem with the radiator heater. The guy fell asleep early and never heard the phone ring.

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