Thermodynamics is More About Heating Than we Need to Know

Thermo, as we called it, was the most abstract class that I have ever had the pleasure of taking while in engineering school. The class made no sense to me at all in it’s practicality of normal daily usage or necessity. When on earth do I ever need to know the second law of thermodynamics? It hasn’t come up yet so far in the 30 years since I have taken the class, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I probably won’t need it for the next 30 years either. It’s right there with Differential Equations. How much do we really need to know about heating and cooling of closed loop systems, along with entropy and extropy? I would have much better spent my time getting an HVAC license or even starting my own commercial HVAC company with all of the time I spent studying Thermo. I guess we don’t know when we are that age, and need the course to get our degree anyways, that we really won’t use the course again after we get our grades. I wish I did get my HVAC certification now because I think my a/c condenser is bad and needs to be replaced. I don’t think it is a very cheap job either so I may be spending a lot of money on getting it replaced. Maybe I should get my HVAC licence and do it myself. I’m just thinking out loud here and trying to come up with a solution. Besides, how much does a new heating and cooling system cost?

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