Time for a better cooling solution

I waited a long time before finally setting up central a/c.

I live in an area with especially long winters, cold Springtime and fall seasons and honestly brief summers. After running the oil furnace for months at a time, I looked ahead to opening the windows in the summer. I enjoyed the fresh air and was relieved to get out from under the high energy bills. I set up a window cooling system in my study room so that I could sleep. When it was time to substitute the oil furnace, the Heating and Air Conditioning business proposed investing into central A/C at the same time, because of a dealership special and a manufacturer’s rebate, the changes weren’t overly pricey. I have been surprised and amazed by how much I prefer having a whole-lake house cooling system. The improvement is huge. Instead of having one room perfectly cool, the entire home is now the right temp. It is such a relief to step inside on a hot and humid day. Even when the weather is mild, I still run the ac system for the sake of air circulation and filtration. With the windows shut, the home stays a lot fresher. I no longer deal with an influx of dust, pollen, bugs and exhaust fumes. I don’t notice noise pollution such as traffic and barking pets. I sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. Because I chose a top quality cooling system that features a 26 SEER rating, the electric bills aren’t unsatisfactory. I guess the cost is worth it for healthier air quality. I am also relieved to no longer need to carry the window cooling system up and down from the attic.

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