Tired of no temperature control

I have my batteries charging for my amp because last night they died on us while playing our music.

I had them fully charged, or so I thought, but then I realized that my cats accidentally turned on the power to the amp and that subsequently drained the batteries some.

One of the cats jumped up on the amp and its foot hit the toggle power switch and turned on the amp. I didn’t believe it would drain the battery but if it was on all night I’m sure it didn’t help matters. So today I’m charging it while my a/c keeps me cool in the flat. It is a hot one today and the heat is starting to creep in as summer time is going to be here in just 19 more days. June through September will require cold a/c all day and that is why I am going to get my temperature control system taken care of and looked after soon. Usually though, by the end of September the weather is getting ready to cool down for the fall season, so we won’t need any air conditioning in September, or at least after the middle of the month. It will be a fun summer time and my one friend Laura is going to stay here for part of it while she visits our neighborhood and decides if she wants to move here. She works in the heating and cooling technology sector and is considering opening a local business here to sell her space furnaces and smart temperature controls. I hope she moves here because she is a wonderful friend from way back.

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