Trash talking my favorite sport is uncalled for

My grandfather was a boxer and I remember watching films of him when he was boxing. I didn’t see him wearing any kinds of helmets and he didn’t have these big heavy grease gloves that slid right off their opponents body. They are supposed to do less damage than the old leather gloves. I’m not saying that boxing isn’t a dangerous sport, but how many sports don’t have some danger in them. Have you ever watched a football game? Those guys get half a team piling on them, even though they have been slammed to the ground, tumbled and may possibly have a concussion. There are guys on the basketball team who are always blowing out their knees. Don’t even get me started on hockey games and how dangerous they are. Personally, I think the most dangerous thing about a boxing match is the HVAC. I think that when you are at a boxing match, the air conditioning should be on high. Without air conditioning, the athletes end up sweating. It can pretty bad when the sweat rolls down in their eyes and their eyes begin to burn. It makes it difficult to be able to see. The air conditioning also helps to keep the athletes from becoming sluggish and tired too quickly. When you become overheated, your reflexes aren’t as quick. I think it would be best to have air conditioning that will keep you from sweating and allow you the ability to heat up your muscles naturally. I know that even as a spectator, I would prefer to have a little extra air conditioning instead of having it so warm that you are uncomfortable.


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