Trenchless sewer line repair

When we had sewer line damage, we had to decide how to go about repairing it.

We didn’t want to destroy our beautiful lawn.

From what I knew about it, sewer repair and replacement requires digging a sizable trench through the backyard, making a mess of landscaping. I did some research and came across something called trenchless pipe repair. I was able to find a plumbing contractor in my area that specializes in it. There are a lot of benefits to trenchless pipe services. There is a lot less disruption to the yard. This type of procedure uses modern technology and only necessitates very small holes dug at the entrance and exit of the pipes. This allows for the installation of a liner. No trench means less time spent on the repair service. Several machines are used with sensors to detect solid objects, such as pipes, tree roots and foundations. If there are any issues, the plumber alters the pipes course. The whole job can usually be completed in just two or three days. There are significantly lower labor requirements. The overall cost of having a swerve line repaired is much less than conventional methods. The result is also a higher quality repair. The use of cured-in-place liners and seamless PVB piping offers a more durable and longer-lasting outcome. The pipes won’t suffer from rust or corrosion that could lead to other sewage problems. The liner provides much cleaner drinking water with no concerns over bacteria, dirt or mold. Because of the opportunity for trenchless sewer line repair, the job wasn’t nearly as awful as I expected. It was completed quickly and there was no huge cleanup process afterward.

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