Troubleshooting the furnace burner flames a.

The last time I was at my brother’s house, I noticed that his furnace behaved funny.

Besides the strange odor that seemed to come out of the heating unit, a closer look at the furnace showed that the furnace burners were heating strangely.

Having repaired my neighbors France before coming over to see my brother, I knew that this furnace needed special attention. I worked in the HVAC industry, so this would not be a major issue for me. Fortunately, out of habit, I carried my toolbox with me everywhere I went. I rushed to my truck and got a few of the tools I would need to complete repairs. I intended to check the burners and confirm that they did not have any debris on them. I started by checking the flames, which were not blue and were majorly uneven. This was enough indication that the burners were dirty and probably clogged with debris. I switched off the furnace and allowed it to cool before cleaning the burners. All I needed was a vacuum cleaner which I borrowed from my brother. Besides the duster that had accumulated over the summer period, the furnace had traces of soot combined with condensation, which affected the furnace’s proper functioning. It was also clear that my brother had not had his furnace cleaned in the annual HVAC maintenance session recommended every season. I made sure to bill him to teach him a lesson to take care of his unit. After all, hiring a professional HVAC specialist is not cheap, and I did not want him to believe that I would always be available to do these favors for him.



Air conditioning worker