Trying To Look Good On Camera

I have been working my way up career wise at the local news station for years.

  • For the longest time, I was working behind the camera at a desk filing papers, writing content plus researching.

Now, I get to be in front of the camera every day, and I have a date for my initial debut. I’m excited, concerned plus a little scared because this is everything I’ve been dreaming of. The issue I’m having is that I don’t feel camera ready. I have been working from a desk for years. It was simple to snack plus not work out when I was at a desk job. My body is soft all over plus I am upset that I’ll look heavier on camera. All my family plus friends are going to watch me on TV, so I need to look good. I’ve decided that I can try and workout at a health plus fitness center nearby plus take private fitness training classes. The personal training gym around here does offer classes for ladies my age going through beauty pageants. I know my job is not the same, however it does require good looks. I’m assuming the personal trainer that runs my session will know how to handle me. I don’t really enjoy building muscle plus being able to run miles at a time, no matter the weather. My simple request is that I can drop a few pounds and look wonderful in my dress clothes on TV. I have even thought of bringing in on of the outfits to the gym. I can put it on plus ask my trainer to decide what areas of my body should be targeted.