Waiting for my local HVAC business friend

My buddy is coming over later to talk about this company that we are invested in.

He has 50K shares and I want to have 20K of them myself before the end of the summer.

This corporation is in a dormant stage that has lasted for a long time, but soon that dormancy will end and this thing will fly like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. If I can accumulate 20K shares then when it hits its target price of $10 a share I will be sitting pretty. It may take five years but my heating and cooling rep buddy told me that time goes by and to just keep holding the local corporation shares. Well, actually it isn’t a local corporation here but not too far away, and when they start selling them we will be the first to know. Right now the stock is sitting at a mere 25 cents a share, which is a perfect time to buy and gather more before it takes off and almost everyone and their brother starts buying in. Last year when I finished a big heating and cooling system repair job I purchased 10K shares, but it kept going down and my mood went down as well. I wanted to sell it all a few months ago when it went down to 15 cents a share, but luckily my heating and cooling tech buddy talked me out of that and got me to buy even more. Now I have just over 16 thousand shares and am trying to receive about 4000 more with my heating and cooling repair money.

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