We decided to switch to a different HVAC company

We all sat there together around the fireplace until the HVAC technician arrived

It was rather upsetting when the furnace quit working the other day. It was the midst of the cold season and it was actually snowing outside. The good news is that we have a fireplace and I actually had a fair amount of firewood stacked up. The thing is, I called the HVAC company and it sounded like they wouldn’t be able to fix the furnace for a few days. I didn’t think we had enough firewood for the fireplace, and so I told my wife to stay put while I went on a run to pick up some firewood. While I was going to get some firewood, I called some friends and asked around to see if anybody knew of an HVAC company that wasn’t backed up. One friend of mine said his HVAC company was always helpful and usually was not too backed up. So I tried calling up his HVAC company and sure enough, there was an HVAC technician who was willing to come out to my home that same day. I was really happy about this because my wife and I wouldn’t have to worry about being uncomfortable without a working heating system for so long. I still picked up some extra firewood for the fireplace anyway and my buddies helped me load it into my home. We all sat there together around the fireplace until the HVAC technician arrived. After the HVAC technician did his thing and got the central heating system working again, we were truly grateful. As a matter of fact, we decided to use that HVAC company moving forward because they were so fantastic.
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