We Just Had Major Air Conditioning Maintenance Done

I am trying to decide if I want to have another roommate move in with me or not.

Life is a bit different living overseas here, we have a lot more roommates it seems.

In the states, I lived in my own place, but here it seems like everyone has roommates yet it works for the most part. I’ve had a couple bad roommate situations, but if you find the right person they can help cut your living expenses in half. That would put my living expenses at about 1000 Euros a month, that’s pretty cheap living in the city center. We try to stay on top of keeping the a/c and heating unit clean in this place. It’s the main energy user in the house, so keeping it running clean and efficiently will save you money and hassles in the long run. We cleaned all of the ducts and installed new reusable HEPA filters in the air handler. It really didn’t cost that much money and the air is already much cleaner. I bought one of those gadgets that measure the air quality and the number has been cut in half since cleaning and repairing the a/c and heating unit. I did most of it myself because I have always been able to repair things since I was a kid. I used to help my mom light the old oil heater in our house, you would have to use about 17 matches to do it though. Life is much simpler and much better for me now. It’s great.

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