We went to the beach for ice cream

Last weekend, my kids all sat in the house and they kept telling me they were bored.

It was too hot to go outside and play games and they were not happy campers.

We had just finished breakfast and my wife and I were sitting at the table finishing our coffee. She smiled as I mouthed beach day to her and she went upstairs to gather bathing suits and anything else we would need for the day. She came down the steps and started throwing the bathing suits at the kids and told them they had five minutes before I changed my mind. The kids sat there stunned, when she clapped her hands. They all began to smile and ran to their rooms. We had two bottles of sunscreen and several towels in a beach bag as they ran down the stairs. An hour later we were at the beach. The boys had their boogie boards and they were surfing on the waves as they came ashore. The girls were busily making a sand castle. We knew it was time to go and find someplace where there was air conditioning, when the boys came in and trampled on the sand castle. Luckily, I had taken a picture of it on my phone. I told the kids we were going to go to a restaurant and then for ice cream. My wife yelled that there better be air conditioning in that restaurant. One of the girls said she was AC to go with her ice cream. I had to laugh because I was thinking about how good the air conditioning was going to feel after a long day at the beach.

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