We’ve lost our electricity so many times that it’s not funny

In the northeast region where I live, we have fairly harsh winters.

All of us also have unquestionably sizzling and humid summers; Finally, we will often experience ice storms in the seasons between the two extremes due to the thawing and rechilly hot and cold temperatures.

These temperature extremes make a reliable power supply more crucial than ever. However, we have lost power in each of the aforementioned seasons, and during ice storms, the entire area can lose power when broken, ice-laden tree branches fall on power lines. Once we had no heat for more than 2 mornings, not to mention no sizzling water for the showers. Boy did we ever jump for delight when we heard the furnace turn on when the power was restored. In the summer, when we desperately need our to be operating at full capacity, we’ve lost power from a lightning strike. If always amazes myself and others that when the beach house gets sizzling and humid without the it seems that being freezing in a beach house in the Wintertide without a furnace seems appreciate a better scenario. Then there was the time that the power in our beach house went out however none of the neighbors lost theirs. I could hear their central s humming away while we were covered in sweat out the wait until the power company showed up. This time the cause of losing power was that a raccoon had climbed the power pole in our yard and chewed on the wires. All of us found hid cold, dead body at the base of the pole. So as much as I hate to complain, there’s nothing appreciate a high efficiency furnace to keep boiling in the Wintertide and a top-notch to keep cool in the summer.


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