What is an infrared heater?

Infrared heaters are a great way to keep any indoor space warm on the go.

  • This heating solution can help save energy while adding adequate heat to your most used indoor spaces.

They are ideal for insulated garages, family rooms, or open living spaces. Infrared heaters are a type of HVAC system that creates heat similar to the sun. Infrared light is not visible since it is beyond the spectrum that human beings see. That invisible light gets absorbed by our clothes, skin, and other objects, which is how things around infrared heaters warm up. Infrared heaters are warmer in direct sunlight than in the shade since the shade blocks out a lot of the sunlight, and like the sun, infrared heaters in your home will only warm spaces directly in front of it. Infrared space heaters emit rays that are absorbed by the items or objects that are in front of it, which gradually increases the temperature levels of the heater’s surroundings. They function differently than the other heater types that are often applied in homes or workspaces. It is difficult to make generalizations about infrared heaters because there are multiple different specifications. Infrared heaters may be powered by natural gas, electricity, or propane. Different infrared heaters will have different controls, maximum output levels, and different designs. However, like any other HVAC system, there are a few drawbacks and benefits that generally apply to all infrared heaters. These HVAC systems are increasingly becoming a popular solution for people to heat up their workplaces and homes during the cold winter months. It is an option worth considering.

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