Why you should oil the furnace blower annually

He wanted to confirm if oiling the blower was necessary lest he destroy the unit

We had a powerful argument with friends in the HVAC industry about the need to lubricate your furnace bower annually. After our HVAC sessions, we would get together to share experiences and laugh about some of the things we witnessed in the line of duty. We worked for an established HVAC company in the locality and were always on duty, so we had loads of experiences to share. One time during our lunch break we brought up the subject of oiling the furnace blower. While we often agreed on most things, this seemed to be a subject that most of us had conflicting ideas. Clients would call us to handle the annual HVAC maintenance before a significant season sets in. This time around, we were headed to winter, so most of the tuneup sessions revolve around heating units, including furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. So one of us was asked by the client to oil the furnace blower during his session. He was not sure about this since he had never done it, which surprised most of us. He asked the homeowner to allow him to return the next day, pretending that he had forgotten essential items for the tuneup session. He wanted to confirm if oiling the blower was necessary lest he destroy the unit. Surprisingly, many HVAC professionals in our group were clueless about this. I helped them understand why oiling the blower was necessary because it constantly runs to distribute hot air in the house. Therefore, oiling prolongs its lifespan and should be a mandatory maintenance practice when a professional handles such a project.


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