Working on the church’s quality HVAC unit before the annual conference

I grew up in a church family, as my parents were church ministers.

It was fun growing up because we would serve in the church in any way we could.

I was in the choir while my brother played the drums for us. We did enjoy our youth as we would tour the country as young missionaries. I grew up and became an HVAC professional at one of the HVAC brands. I love my career and find it exciting to interact with HVAC systems and help with indoor comfort. Since I moved to the neighboring town, I don’t get a chance to attend the church my parents serve except whenever I visit them. The last time I saw you was during the December holidays. Dad requested I come to look at the thermostat as they wanted to upgrade it. The HVAC repairman had recommended a wireless one, but they still wanted my opinion. I did end up recommending a similar device to the other specialist from the HVAC business. However, I heard an unusual noise from the church’s HVAC unit and was uncomfortable. Dad was surprised because he did not think he needed to schedule HVAC maintenance for the next two months. The HVAC installation occurred around three years ago, so the system was still a relatively new purchase from the local business. They had not planned to get new HVAC equipment from the HVAC provider for at least the next decade. It turns out it was only dirty and clogged filters causing a strain on the quality HVAC unit. I changed the filters, and the noises stopped. The highly anticipated December conference kicked off without a hitch, but I was already home by then.



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