You may want to consider a condensing combi boiler

There are quite a few types of condensing boilers available on the market.

Conventional or system boilers basically do their work by heating water contained in a tank. This choice is great for larger properties with several powder rooms or when the pressure of mains happens to be low. The second style is the combi boiler which does not actually use a water tank or cylinder as it heats water from the actual mains. This is the best choice for smaller properties as it is a compact, space-efficient choice that can fit into just about any room. Condensing combi boilers are a style of Heating and Air Conditioning equipment that includes a special heat exchanger that also acts as a condenser. They are capable of achieving much greater efficiency levels since they catch more heat from exhaust gases. They have a fairly huge heat exchange surface that allows them to transfer as much heat as possible from your boiler’s burner into operative heat, thus allowing less heat to escape. Because of this, condensing combi boilers are currently the most energy-efficient Heating and Air Conditioning solution on the market. This operating mode also minimizes nitrogen oxide and carbon emissions, making them an eco-friendly choice. There are a few types of condensing combi boilers, however they all pretty much operate the same way! When the temperature level goes down, your thermostat will signal your boiler to crank on. The heat will then be transferred to your central heating equipment. Once the set temperature has been accomplished, your thermostat reacts again to turn your condensing combi boiler back off. The benefits of a condensing combi boiler are amazing.



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